I love making things up…

istock_000002404473xsmallI just started a new work-in-progress and am letting the story unfold as I go. It’s so exciting to see how stray ideas pop up here and there and somehow coalesce to form my plot. I have a basic premise, of course, and I’ve developed my characters, but I’m only 28 pages in and already my heroine has proven that she has a mind of her own. I may have trouble reigning her in.

My hero is a detective, like usual, with the typical concerns of a law enforcement professional and a very heavy case load. His personal life is in disarray, mainly because of his thoughtless ex-wife and dysfunctional upbringing, and all at once he finds himself having to care for his three year-old son after his ex dumps the boy with him–never mind that he’s just found himself in the middle of the case from hell. Throw in my heroine, who at first has no idea who she is, and he’s toast.  Whoo!  Writing is SO much fun.

I just love making things up. Building a world, even if it’s inside a real city, is a definite challenge, but it’s also very rewarding. I can set up things the way I want with a backdrop of reality and a dollop of literary  license. Believe me, I do plenty of research, especially into forensics and the workings of the local courts and PD, and yet I still have the freedom to invent people and places and even events.

Now…back to work. I have to save my heroine from a stalker and reunite her with the hero, who’s just learned something very interesting about her–something that at this point, she doesn’t even know.  Tee hee!  Write on!


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  1. Glad to hear you’ve started another. I envy you the sweet bliss of beginning a new project. My h/h are like in-laws right now…lol

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