New projects…wahoo!

maddogcoverI’m excited to report that I have a short story in a new local anthology, Mad Dogs and Moonshine, that showcases a group of Mississippi authors called the Red Dog Writers. This is our third anthology, done in consecutive years. The others, On the Sleeping Porch and Fireflies in Fruit Jars, are still available. The stories in the latest book (well, all of them really) are an eclectic collection of humorous, suspenseful, and telling yarns based in the South. My story is titled Moving the Finish Line, which is also offered at Amazon Shorts, and is a bit darker than most. Can’t help it.  I lean toward murder and suspense.  The books are only available locally, so if you should be interested in purchasing one for the bargain price of $20 (which includes s/h), please contact me at and we’ll talk.

I have other good news, too.  Yesterday, I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press for my single title romantic suspense, Skeleton Bayou.  The story is set in south Louisiana and will guarantee you a roller coaster ride of suspense and creepiness.

Blurb: Terrifying family secrets, a revenge-seeking ex-husband, and an environmental nightmare threaten a woman desperate to start a new life in her dilapidated family home deep in the Louisiana swamp. For protection, she turns to the only man she believes she can trust—a rugged ex-cop with his own batch of secrets.

Hope you’ll check it out when it’s released!  I don’t have a date yet, but will post it once I do.


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  1. Welcome to the Rose garden 🙂 Can’t wait to see your release there. Have I read this short?

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