Spring is already here…

Shipper...just hanging around.

Shipper...just hanging around.

…at least, it is here in central Mississippi. The temperature is approaching 80 degrees and it’s gorgeous and sunny. I can definitely tell it’s March, though, because the wind’s blowing like crazy. My kitty is having a blast chasing leaves blowing around on the porch. This picture of her isn’t from today (obviously, because of all the leaves on the tree…they’re just budding out right now) but was taken last October. She’s so sweet, and she loves the sunshine. I let her go out on the porch with me when I have my coffee, and sometimes she explores this tree near the house. Too funny!

I’m having trouble keeping my focus on writing with the weather so warm and beautiful outside. I want to play. Guess I have spring fever. LOL I’m rewriting an older story, and it’s quite a challenge…especially with my thoughts directed toward what’s happening outside.

I hope it’s pretty where you are, and that you have an early spring. I’m sure we’ll have another cold snap or two, but hopefully we’ve endure the coldest weather already. I put my plants back outside yesterday. They’re thrilled, as am I. And with luck, the sun will revive them. I almost killed them this winter by forgetting to water them.

Happy March!!!



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3 responses to “Spring is already here…

  1. Shipper is quite photogenic. Perhaps Cat Fancy? lol

    It’s warm here, too. Come on snow!!!

  2. What a sweetie! I am such a sucker for any and all animals. I think that they have a much nicer code of conduct than humans. Melanie, are you going to put Shipper into any of your books? *G*

  3. Brenda

    Mississippie sounds pretty much like middle Georgia. Loved your post. I have been way, way too lax in writing. Must start back.

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