Behind the scenes at SVU…

Chris Meloni suits up for the final scene in Law and Order SVU’s season finale. As everyone knows, Chris plays Detective Elliot Stabler, my favorite TV detective. He’s one HOT cop. Woo hoo!

Video by NBC.



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2 responses to “Behind the scenes at SVU…

  1. Fun blog. We’re growing lettuce this year, something we haven’t done before. Though I have to admit that my husband is in charge of it.

    I’m writing sci fi romance, which is new for me. My next book is a new idea. I might do first person, something that hasn’t worked for me before. I’m writing a snippet now. (Though I should be writing the synopsis for my wip.)

  2. anne

    This year we are growing zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce and hopefully squash. This is a fist time but we are ready and love the idea of this prdouce on our table fromour yard. Congratulations on your new release and I enjoyed your lovely photos.

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