Stop & Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet

skeletonbayou_w3252_300The Great Escape

Right now, times are tough. People are losing their jobs, housing starts are down, and the price of gas is rising. On top of that, it’s summertime. . .and here in the Deep South, it’s blazing hot already and it’s only June. What better time to escape into a good book?

The Wild Rose Press and its sister company, White Rose Publishing, have books in every romance genre in both e-book and print formats. No matter what type of romance you prefer, from suspense to inspirational to historical, and more, we have a book for you at The Wild Rose Press ( My romantic suspense, SKELETON BAYOU, is due out in mid-December. Here’s a blurb about the story:

Savannah Love is emotionally and physically battered, but is determined to survive after escaping the hellish imprisonment imposed on her by her psychotic cop-husband. After seven months in hiding, she resurfaces at Mossy Oak, her ramshackle family home on a Louisiana bayou, and attempts to restart her life. The empty house provides shelter, but isn’t the fortress she needs when her cruel ex comes calling.

Mack O’Malley, former cop turned handyman conflicted over a bad shoot on the job, comes to Savannah’s rescue when the psychopath draws them into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Fearful of Mack at first, she soon discovers that beneath his steely exterior lies a resolute defender with a heart hungry for love. Will their alliance save them, or will they fall victim to the Legend of Skeleton Bayou?

I’m extremely excited about this new release and hope you’ll check it out. This week, to celebrate finally reaching the six month mark before SKELETON BAYOU is published, I’m giving away a Barnes & Noble gift card to one lucky person who comments on this blog. To have a chance to win, tell me which type of romance you prefer, and why. I’ll put the names of everyone who posts into a hat and draw a winner tomorrow morning, Tuesday, June 23, at 10:00 a.m. So be sure and post for a chance to win!

Visit all 20 Wild Rose Press blogs listed below in 24 hours to learn about more fabulous prizes that are up for grabs. Our authors have the books you want. Escape is good. . .and reading can make the world go away. So smile and choose the story that’s right for you.

Here’s a complete list of blogs to visit today:

Thanks for reading my blog! You can find an excerpt from SKELETON BAYOU and learn more about me and all of my books at



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17 responses to “Stop & Smell the Roses Blog Bouquet

  1. Hi Melanie,

    Your covers rock!

    I love all subgenre’s of romance but seem to be partial to humor with a little bit of supernatural in it, whether it’s a timeshift, ghost, vampire, shifter…etc.

    Have a great day,


  2. Hi Melanie, I wonder where is your Deep South. I am in South Florida, it’s hot but the ocean breeze makes it acceptable. Nice meeting you. I am glad I’m working my way down these blogs and smelling the roses. My sweet and spicy medical romance, BABIES IN THE BARGAIN,a sort of Grey’s Anatomy, is coming in two weeks to TWRP.

  3. I vote historical romance, hands down–I love it when authors use famous events as a backdrop and craft a storyline that meshes with it. Suspense romance would be a close second. BTW, I’m in central Texas and the AC is cranking–we are headed toward 101 degrees in a few hours. (No ocean breeze, *SIGH*.) Good luck with the upcoming “Skeleton Bayou”!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, y’all! My Deep South is central Mississippi, where it’s supposed to be at least 100 degrees today in the shade. The heat index should be from 103-107. Lovely. If I didn’t have A/C, I’d just curl up and die.

  5. I am a Romance Suspense fan, I read a lot of thriller and erotica as well and Suspense romance is finding middle ground and fills in a lot of gaps for me.

    The need for a little or a lot of gore as well the romance to soften the edges of the story and more often then not shed some balance on what most time with Suspense romance can be an edgy expected feel..

    Love the post and as the other commenter said.. your cover really is quite stunning..


  6. RobynL

    I love contemporary romance the best; it can be Medical, Western, Humor/Comedy. These are easy-reading and I can relax while meeting new friends and finding out how they live.

  7. Sounds like a great read! Best of luck with the new release!


  8. I agree, summer time is perfect reading time! Best wishes with your book!

  9. Valerie


    I enjoyed your post!!

    Keep writing!!

  10. Hi Melanie, I’m a Wild West Cactus Rose myself but I love good suspensse. These covers ROCK. Best wishes with your books!


  11. Hi, Mel. Smothering heat is the best…when it’s in a book! Not so much fun when you have to out in it. OMG Getting in the car is like climbing into a sauna. We need some rain.
    I read several genres of romance, but if I have to choose one, then I’d pick contemporary romance with a hint of suspense. Why? Because the characters have no boundaries. In today’s world almost anything goes.

  12. Wow Mel this cover is awesome. I can enjoy any genre as long as I feel the chemistry between the hero and heroine.

  13. Ah, there’s nothing like escaping with a good book. Yours sounds fabulous. I can’t wait.

  14. Beverly G

    hi Melanie i have to say that cover is very very hot for me i dont have one set fav i love paranormal romance love a lil erotica , enjoy contemporary for me if its a good story and can be written then im going to read it

  15. Afshan N

    The better question would be what romance don’t I like. I love all romance genres, my favorites are Historicals, Paranormals and Erotic.
    Skeleton Bayou sounds great!! Congrats on it’s upcoming release!

  16. Lupe

    I like romantic suspense and mysteries with a romance. I also like the stories in the Last Rose of Summer category. I like to read stories where h/h have lived a little, but still feel the romance.

  17. Lynda

    I love a couple of types of romance books. Paranormal, historical (regency) and erotic.

    Your book sounds great. We had a case (Braem) here in WA that was very well known with a cop (police chief) killing his wife and himself. People within the department didn’t believe her about the abuse until it was to late.

    Love the cover as well!

    lynda98662 at yahoo dot com

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