Not writing related, but…

IMG_0908I found worms like these, known in insect circles as tomato horn worms, on my tomato plants this past weekend. Ack! I freaked out at first, because they’re so big and squishy, and they have little sucker things on the bottom that make them hard to pull off the plants. Ewwwww! I hate worms. Anyway, I emailed pictues of the little tomato fiends to my friend Jerome Goddard, who teaches entomology at Mississippi State University, and he identified them for me and told me how to get rid of them. Hello, sevin dust. My plants now look like they’re covered in soot, but the worms are gone. Yay, yay, yay!

These worms just creeped me out. We found five of them, plus one smaller one that was dark green with long black stripes that resembled a catalpa worm.

Now…back to working on my current WIP…a plot with no worms involved. lol



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4 responses to “Not writing related, but…

  1. I think you should put worms in the next novel. Something you’re passionate about would make a great creep factor 🙂

  2. Hahaha! Those worms were definitely creepy. They only eat plants, though, so I don’t think they’d work in a book. lol

  3. Rick

    Random passerby comment here, but some friend. Sevin is Carbayrl and pretty toxic stuff. Try to find a product containing Bt. Common names are Dipel or Caterpillar Killer by Safer. They contain a bacteria fatal to caterpillars but harmless to us. Please tell Jerome about the less hazzardous and arguably more effective approach.

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