Writing, reading, and playing…oh, my!

IMG_0983Last week was the most prolific writing week for me in quite a while. The reason? I spent five days in Florida with four writing pals, writing, swimming, eating, enjoying the beach, and just generally goofing around. We had a blast! I won nine dollars playing the lottery (Lame, I know. Right? lol) and chowed down on lots of shrimp. We ate at The Crab IMG_0999Trap in Perdido Key and The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores, Alabama, in addition to eating in. One night, two of my friends fixed bacon wrapped shrimp. Yum!!

On the writing front, I penned thirty pages on my current WIP in four days, which thrills me because I’ve almost finished the book. Wahoo!! My working title for this romantic suspense is A Stranger to Love. I’ve already submitted the partial to an editor in NY, and I hope, hope, HOPE, she’ll request the full. Fingers crossed. : )

IMG_0993Blurb: A by-the-book cop and single dad rescues a desperate woman who’s being framed for a crime her former fiancee committed. He risks losing is job and his child if he helps her. But she, who can’t have children, risks losing her heart to the handsome father and his precious son.

To read more about me and all of my books, including my titles currently available at Desert Breeze Publishing, Cobblestone Press, and Treble Heart Books, go here.



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2 responses to “Writing, reading, and playing…oh, my!

  1. Oh Wow, Mel…I’m so jealous!!

    I want to go next year *whines*

  2. You’ll have to come along next time, L.A.!! : )

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