Citizens’ Police Academy

SWAT...motel standoff 8-08Hi everyone! I’m currently attending a Citizen’s Police Academy sponsored by my local sheriff’s department, and I’m loving it. Last week, we learned about the court system. And last night, we leaned about the SWAT team, the reserves, who are really active in this jurisdiction, and DUI enforcement.

I loved the presentation made by the SWAT guys. They taught us about body armor, automatic weapons, “less lethal” weapons such as Tasers, gas canisters, and bean bags, equipment like the hooligan tool and the big shields they carry, medical support and logistics. We also were able to check out a really cool armored vehicle and their mobile command center. Lots of firepower.

Our SWAT team is made up of officers from two separate jurisdictions, which helps both of them. On the scene in a hostage situation, they have an immediate action team, a deliberate response team, a containment team, snipers, medical support, and logistic personnel. They are highly trained and do an excellent job.

DUI enforcement is critical as well, and from the sound of it our DUI team is overworked because they also train other law enforcement officers throughout the entire state. I had no idea. I’m proud to have such qualified men working our streets.

Our reserve unit is one of the best, with 89 fully certified officers. They receive the same training as all sheriff’s deputies and are qualified to carry out the same duties–only they do it for free because they love it. They also have to buy their own firearms and equipment. Wow. I’m amazed!

My hat is off to these brave men and women who risk their lives for us everyday. My latest WIP is set right here in my area, and I’m excited about that. Be sure to check out my website to read about my available titles and what I have coming up. You can do that here.



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3 responses to “Citizens’ Police Academy

  1. Melanie it sounds like a blast! I need to check into that out here. yanno to brush up on facts. 🙂

  2. How cool that you get to do this, Melanie. You learn alot about Police Depts. I work for LAPD as a 911 Dispatcher and I’m familiar with LAPD stuff. There’s so much a police department offers. Glad you’re enjoying it!


    • Thanks, Steph! It’s a blast. Tonight we’ll hear from the crime lab. And BTW, I’m currently writing a single title with a dispatcher who’s the villain. Oops! lol I also have one with a dispatcher heroine. I admire what you do!

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