New cover art…

Wowzers!!! I just got the new cover for PRIME SUSPECT, my February 2010 book out with Desert Breeze Publishing. PRIME SUSPECT is the second title in my six-book New Orleans Detective series. It follows CHERISHED WITNESS, which came out in September 2009. CHOSEN TARGET will follow in June. After that will come BELOVED CAPTIVE, UNWILLING ACCOMPLICE, and PERFECT PARTNER. In addition, I’ve just sold the first two books in my new series, Keller County Cops, to Desert Breeze as well. MARKED FOR MURDER and SHIELD OF VALOR will come out in 2011.

In PRIME SUSPECT, New Orleans Assistant District Attorney Marisa Cooper prosecutes murderers for a living, but the tables are turned on her when her ex-husband is found dead in her garage. To prove her innocence, she must team up with her former fiancée, Slade Montgomery, the detective who risks his career–and his heart–to help her find the real killer.

I’m so excited this book will soon be back out there. It was released by my old publisher (which is now defunct) in 2006, and has since been updated and re-edited. After its first release, it received excellent reviews. You can read them here, on the PRIME SUSPECT page up at Desert Breeze.

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9 responses to “New cover art…

  1. Love the cover. The Montalba Apts., right? Dang, with so many books, you have to be typing with your knuckles by now.

  2. No idea about the apartments, Sylvia. Jenifer Ranieri did the cover. She does great work. Most of those books are older ones, some I’d sold before to my old publisher. They were all written over the past 5-6 years.

  3. Great cover, and the whole series sounds wonderful. I know you’ve worked with a couple different publishers. I assume you’re happy with Desert Breeze–and if they’re process lives up to the cover art, I can see why!

  4. Love the cover! Hope you make many sales.

  5. Liz L.

    Beautiful cover, Mel and the series sounds riveting. It’s so great when you’re happy with your publisher.

    What are you working on now?

  6. Thanks, Liz L. I’m working on a single title right now, then will finish the second book of the new series for DB.

  7. Melanie, what a great cover. Best wishes.

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