Mississippi snow!

We woke up this morning to several inches of snow on the ground, and by 11 a.m we had almost 6 inches! This is exciting for us in the Deep South, because we rarely see snow… and almost never twice in the same season. We had a couple of inches on December 5, and now this. I’m jazzed! My kitties weren’t so thrilled, but Shipper did venture out near the bird bath this morning. She, Widget, and Spike spent the rest of the day inside staying warm and dry. Smart cats!

The snow was yet another distraction, but I did manage to work on the outline for my current single title WIP and do a little writing. I also cleaned out a drawer, continuing my effort to keep my writing space neat and clear of too much clutter.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful winter! I’m ready for spring now, since I finally got the snow I’ve been wanting. Squee!

I have a book signing tomorrow, Saturday 2/13, for SKELETON BAYOU, my print title available from The Wild Rose Press, at Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS at 1:00 p.m. Be sure and check out it and all of my other my current releases on my website here.



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8 responses to “Mississippi snow!

  1. Melanie, why oh why does the Deep South resemble Colorado 😉

  2. Great pics, Melanie! I love the one of your kitty sitting and looking–very regally, I might add.

  3. Liz L.

    Hey, Mel, that’s a lot of snow. In Dallas, we got record snowfalls and they’re wondering how the weathermen missed the biggest snowstorm ever. Duh???? Have they ever gotten anything right?

    I love that Shipper hangs out around the bird bath. I thought cats were smart. Doesn’t he know it’s too darn cold for little birdies to bathe? Open up a can of Meow for that baby! And stay warm.

  4. Looks like a winter wonderland. Good luck at your book signing. Sylvia

  5. WOW, we got 2 inches of snow at my house, north of Atlanta, Ga. (I measured the snow depth in my driveway.

    Love your pictures. That’s enough snow for a while, isn’t?

  6. It looks like my back yard. I bet the kids in your area loved it.

  7. LOVE the pictures, Mel. I’m so glad you got some too. We had a blast!

  8. We had a blast, too. The cats weren’t too impressed, but I loved it. So beautiful.

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