Guest blogger today!

I’d love to welcome guest blogger Sarah Grimm to Writing Cops today. She writes about cops, too, and has a new book out with The Wild Rose Press, one of my publishers, that’s getting terrific reviews. Here is an interview with Sarah so you can learn more about her and her fabulous book:

Tell is a little about yourself.

I’m a romantic suspense author, a wife and mother. I live in Southwest Michigan with two teenaged sons, three dogs and a guinea pig. I’ve been reading romance since I was twelve and writing it almost as long, although it wasn’t until my youngest was born that I sat down and wrote a book from beginning to end.

Your debut novel, NOT WITHOUT RISK, is out now. Tell us about it and where it’s available.

It’s available in multiple formats, including eBook, Print and Kindle edition. You can find it here at The Wild Rose Press,, and multiple other online retailers.

Here’s the blurb for the book:

Six agonizing months after a slug collapsed his lung, Sergeant Justin Harrison manages to return to the one place where he shines—the San Diego homicide division. Nothing will stand in the way of proving he is fit for active duty. Especially not the long-legged brunette who just stumbled into his crime scene.

Photographer Paige Conroy spent years hiding from her past. Then a late night telephone call brings it crashing back. An old friend is in town and needs her help. When she arrives at his hotel room four hours later, he’s dead. Suddenly, she’s the target of a madman, and Paige must turn to Sergeant Harrison for protection.

But who is the bigger threat to her… the faceless assailant she fears will steal her life or the dark-eyed detective she knows could steal her heart?

Describe your writing in three words.

Sexy. Suspenseful. Romantic.

How does your family feel about your writing?

My family is very supportive of me. My parents carry around promotional items like pens and pass them out to people. My husband tells everyone he knows about my book, and my children ask their friends if their mothers read romance because their mother writes it.

What’s your favorite part of writing?

Writing the book; discovering the characters, helping them fall in love, foil the villain and live happily-ever-after.

Do you have any ‘must haves’ while writing?

My little cream colored miniature schnauzer needs to be sleeping in the office chair for me to be truly productive. This makes writing a bit uncomfortable since it leaves me with only the first few inches of the chair to perch on, but I’m always most productive when she is with me.

Do you ever base your characters on real people?

I give my characters different traits of people I’ve met in life, but that’s as far as I go.

What’s next for you?

I’m busy re-writing the first three chapters of my contemporary romance, AFTER MIDNIGHT, which I hope to submit by the end of the month. It features a very tortured heroine, Isabeau Montgomery, and is a story about finding love and redemption when you least expect it.

I’m also plotting out a new book about a serial killer who makes death masks of all of his victims.

Where can we find you on the web?



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6 responses to “Guest blogger today!

  1. Sherrie Vermurlen

    I agree that Sarah Grimm’s book is one of the best I have read. My aunt got me reading romance novels just before I went into my freshman year of high school but it was Sarah who got me to explore different authors. When I need to find a exciting read I ask her what is new out there.

  2. I started reading romance novels after I was married. Ha!
    Great blog thanks!!!

  3. I started reading romances in college. Great blog site, Melanie, and very nice interview, Sarah. I love romantic suspense. All the best to both of you.

  4. Thank you Melanie, for having me as a guest. And thanks to all of the commentors for stopping by!

  5. Glad you could post, Sarah. Loved the interview. Hope you sell tons of books!

  6. Enjoyed the interview, Sarah and Melanie. Sarah, your cover is wonderful!! The book sounds like a great read 🙂

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