BRAVA – Writing With The Stars

A couple of months back, Kensington BRAVA hosted a contest with RT to find new voices for the BRAVA line… and a friend of mine IS ONE OF THE FINAL TEN!! Now, I’ve read all the entries as well as the comments, and I have to say that I honestly believe my friend’s entry shines. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t have blogged about it. As we all know…if you can’t say something nice, say nothing! 🙂

My friend is Dale Mayer. Her entry is TUESDAY’S CHILD.

Here is the link to all the entries as well as the comments. Check out all of the entries, especially Dale’s TUESDAY’S CHILD.

Then VOTE… preferably for Dale’s entry!



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5 responses to “BRAVA – Writing With The Stars

  1. I voted before I read your post… and voted for Tuesday’s Child unbiased. 🙂 I loved hers. A few of the others were good too. Didn’t care for the guest judge’s comments though.

  2. Yeah. Me, either, about the comments. Thanks for voting!!

  3. Wow – thank you so much for saying that! I really appreciate the love!

    I think the judge has a name for those types of comments anyways!

  4. Your entry rocks and anyone can see that!

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