ABC’s Castle…my favorite show

ABC’s Castle is my favorite show, probably of all time, and I just couldn’t resist posting this hilarious music video they made from last night’s episode, Season 3 X14, “Lucky Stiff”. The music alone cracks me up.

And on another note, catch my assessment of the romantic relationship in each episode, beginning with “Lucky Stiff” on Lee Lofland’s blog, The Graveyard Shift, here. Lee’s been critiquing the police procedure on the show since day one, and now that the relationship is heating up, he’s asked me to contribute since I write romantic suspense. Thanks so much, Lee!!



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3 responses to “ABC’s Castle…my favorite show

  1. That’s a great video! It really shows Beckett’s character growing, as did the episode. I love it that she’s the kick ass one, while Castle takes orders from her.

    I was at the library today and got one of the Castle books. lol I’ll let you know how good or bad it is.

  2. rose

    I love that show. Castle has become a must see show for me. Normally I am at DISH Network working when it comes on, but right when I get home I watch it immediately on my DVR. I love watching Castle in HD and with DISH I get HD free for life. I can’t wait to see their relationship grow and hopefully they get together soon. Can’t wait for next week!

  3. I agree, Rose and Edie! It’s a must see show for me, too. I’m addicted.

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