And we have a winner!

Andy is the winner of one of my back list books! Congratulations! Please email me at to receive your prize.

Last week, I said: Murder on the back deck… decapitated lawn art. Who killed Freddy Flamingo? Cause of death is decapitation. Manner of death? A garrote? An axe to his long, slender throat? A hard twist? Ack! Please help me solve the case…

Andy, our prize winner, answered: Moon bathing and making love, the two were rolling around on the deck in hot passionate embrace and rolled over the Flamingo.

Now, that’s not what really happened to the unfortunate fowl, of course. No one’s been rolling around on my deck. But I had to pick a winner, and that comment made me laugh out loud. All of your suppositions were so clever. A rogue lawnmower, a boomerang, aliens, someone tripping, one of my cats, the butler (do you really think I have a butler?), a neighborhood kid playing ball, wild dogs, even Nathan Fillion (well, yes, I did mention him in my post. Some things are just inevitable. lol)… Man, y’all have such vivid imaginations! Tee hee!

Now, for the truth: The baby did it. Yes, my granddaughter is the culprit. She knocked poor Freddy Flamingo against the deck steps, and his neck snapped.

This has been fun. I’ll try to come up with another case soon. In the meantime, scroll down and check out my books. If you click on the covers, you’ll find more information, including excerpts.


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