New cover!

I’m really excited to post the cover art for DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL, my June 2012 release at Desert Breeze Publishing. Jenifer Ranieri has done it again! What a perfect fit for the book.

Blurb:  Tessa Doucet chose to go into mortuary science because the dead can’t hurt her. Then a monster from her past turns up on her embalming table and she’s forced to confront the man she thought she’d put to rest. Flummoxed by the case, Detective Cash Starkey finds himself falling for her, even though he swore to keep his distance. He doesn’t want a relationship, especially not with a woman running from her past. Yet when Tessa’s life is threatened, he runs into the fray, and together they defeat her demons and put her past behind them.

You can read an excerpt on the DBP website.




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5 responses to “New cover!

  1. Congrats on the fantastic new cover..I really like it..

  2. Thanks, Savannah! DBP has fantastic cover artists.

  3. Melanie, I noticed this is book 4 in the series. Does it stand alone, or would it be better to start with book 1? I’m really interested in how Tessa handles this situation, and have added it to my wish list for when it comes out.

    • Judy, the book does stand alone, but some of the people appear in earlier books so you might be more satisfied if you do start with book one. That way you’ll know who everybody is and how they’re connected. Hope you enjoy them if you do that. ; )

  4. Mel…love the new cover. They’ve graduated from hot men body parts to dead men body parts…lol. I wish you much success and many sales with this one 😉

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