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Shadow of Perception by Kristine Mason

AuthorPicI’d like to welcome the author of Shadow of Perception, Kristine Mason, to my blog today. Here is her bio:

I didn’t pick up my first romance novel until I was in my late twenties. Immediately hooked, I read a bazillion books before deciding to write one of my own. After the birth of my first son I needed something to keep my mind from turning to mush, and Sesame Street wasn’t cutting it. While that first book will never see the light of day, something good had come from writing it. I realized my passion, and had found a career that I love.

When I’m not writing contemporary romances and dark, romantic suspense novels (or reading them!) I’m chasing after my four kids and two neurotic dogs.

Cover_Shadow of PerceptionHere is more about Shadow of Perception:


What happens when negligent plastic surgeons receive a taste of their own medicine…?

Chicago investigative reporter, Eden Risk, receives an unmarked envelope containing a postcard ordering her to watch the enclosed DVD…or someone else dies. No Police. After Eden watches the DVD, a gruesome, horrifying surgery, she turns to the private criminal investigation agency, CORE, for help. Only she hadn’t expected that help to come with a catch. Her former lover, Hudson Patterson, has been assigned to the case.

Hudson would rather have another CORE agent handle the investigation. Two years ago, he’d screwed things up with Eden…bad. And as more DVDs arrive, Eden and Hudson find themselves not only knee-deep in a twisted investigation, but forced to deal with their past, and the love they’d tried to deny.


Eden flinched and when she finally met his gaze, Hudson moved closer, fighting the urge to reach for her and smooth away the worry creasing her forehead, to hold her and assure her he’d never let anything happen to her. He fisted his hands instead. The wariness in her eyes, the rigidness of her body told him what he needed to know. She wasn’t ready for what he was willing to offer. Not just sex, but comfort, familiarity, and maybe this time around more of himself.

“I’m not trying to scare you. I want you to be realistic. I want you safe.”

Gripping the edge of the kitchen counter, reminding him he’d unintentionally crowded her, she leaned back. “I appreciate your concern. But I’ll be well protected tonight. All night.”

Unconvinced he said, “The security system is good, I’ve seen to it myself, but having me here—just in case—is an even better security measure.”

“Sorry, but three’s a crowd. I doubt my date will appreciate my babysitter hanging around while we’re…dating.”

She had a frickin’ date?

“Cancel,” he said, hoping he’d kept the resentment from his voice. Of course he shouldn’t have expected her to remain celibate since they’d broken up. He’d had his share of “dates” too. But knowing another man would be here, in her townhouse, in her bed, had his empty stomach churning with jealousy. The way his emotions were hitting him like a barrage of bullets today, he realized he’d never gotten over the loss of what could have been between them.

No other woman before or after Eden had stirred his gut with thoughts of love and all that other stuff he didn’t have the vocabulary to name.


FACE BOOK: http://www.facebook.com/kristine.mason.1029

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/KristineMason7

WEBSITE: http://www.kristinemason.net

Books available on:


Barnes & Noble:




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Welcome to Guest Blogger Cyndi Faria

Final A Promise Worth Remembering Original 300 dpi1I’m so excited to announce my newest release titled A Promise Worth Remembering (Promises Collection, #2) is offered FREE today on Amazon Kindle. Inside the novella, you’ll find magic, forbidden love, tiger rescue, and an escalating family feud on the path to happily-ever-after…


After ten years, tiger preserve owner Bailey Yant never thought heartbreaker Tucker Pierce would return to Safe Haven. With a hundred-year-old feud between the Pierce and Yant families escalating, and despite a mystical lovers’ rock stirring memories of their forbidden love, she’s walled up her heart tighter than her sanctuary. When her prized tiger trespasses onto the Pierce’s hunting range, and poachers threaten not only her tiger’s safety but the livelihood of her preserve, will Bailey open her heart and trust Tucker in time to save her endangered Bengals?

At seventeen, Tucker Pierce fell in love with Bailey’s strength the day he’d pulled her from the river and promised to make her dreams come true. However, to keep Bailey safe from his abusive father, he risked everything—and in the process lost her to another man. For ten years, he’s kept his reason for leaving Safe Haven secret, but he can’t forget the promise he made to her or who his heart belongs to. After finding the widowed Bailey standing on their special rock, will he finally convince her to trust he’s a man of his word?

About the author:

Author Photo B-WCyndi Faria is an engineer turned romance writer whose craving for structure is satisfied by plotting emotional and cozy paranormal romance stories about cursed spirits, lost souls, harbingers, and even a haunted coastal town. If you love a tale with courageous heroes and heroines, where their unconditional love for each other gives them strength to defeat their inner demons, Cyndi Faria invites you to enter the pages of her stories and find happily-ever-after.

On and off her sexy romance pages, this California country girl isn’t afraid to dirty her hands fighting for the underdog and caretaking rescued pets. A portion of the earnings from this eBook will be donated to help tigers at PAWS—a sanctuary located in San Andres, California. To learn more, donate, or adopt a tiger visit PAWS online. Find Cyndi helping fellow writers and leading readers to happily-ever-after at http://www.cyndifaria.com

“Cyndi Faria writes with passion and her stories touch the heart.”
—Virna DePaul, Bestselling Author


No. Can’t be. He’s an illusion. Like the wind whispering your name.

Several times, Bailey blinked but pinching her eyes didn’t erase the image of a mature Tucker, one who’d transformed from a whip to a mighty Oak, and a man who greatly resembled a younger version of Old Man Pierce.

Tucker held his head high and his wide stance boasted an assuredness, a grounding presence, that hadn’t graced the adolescent who’d seated his roots in her soul.

Suddenly, her tomboy legs morphed to tree-limbs. She swayed with the gentle wind that transformed her strength, ability, and self-sufficient nature into that helpless girl Tucker rescued from the shadowy waters. Without denial, her body registered her first love even if he’d also been the same person who’d kept her cemented in her inescapable past.

She threw back her shoulders, making her five-foot-four height appear five-foot-six. She didn’t need anyone but herself to make her happy. Nothing stood in her way of dating again and finding happiness. Of fulfilling her dreams with someone other than the man who’d betrayed her trust.

“…your tiger,” he called over the river’s purr.

Her chin quivered at his baritone yet business-like manner and she bit her lip. What had she expected? Words of apology and love? Tucker had moved on a decade ago, no matter how badly her ears still craved his endearments wafting warms puffs of air against her neck. By now, he probably had a family of his own… She glanced at her clothes stuffed in her backpack and, although he’d seen her in her bikini, much less than she wore now, she held her ground. How many times had he stood beside the river and watched her from afar? Once, twice?

As many times as she’d wished he’d gazed upon her with eyes that bore into her tough exterior and tempted her heart, her trust, her words of forgiveness, so she could leave her imprisoned past?

His gaze found hers and held.

Corkscrewed into her heart until her chest hurt. Smoothing her chin with her palm to quiet the quivers spidering across her face, she raised her brows and expected him to say more.

But he only stared.


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Want to discover how Bailey and Tucker conquer the obstacles standing in the way of their happy ending? Download for FREE now by clicking the title here: A Promise Worth Remembering

Have you ever faced an obstacle standing between you and the one you love?


Leave a comment and your contact information and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win the necklace inspired by the story (see photo at http://www.cyndifaria.com). I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner of the beautiful pendant will be…

Thank you Melanie for hosting me today!

Wishing you all much love and happiness,

Cyndi Faria

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An interview with guest blogger Shaunna Gonzales

Welcome to my blog, Shaunna. I enjoy hosting other Desert Breeze authors. Can’t wait to learn more about you and you newest release.

What made you decide to become a writer? After reading most of J.K.Rowlings’ Harry Potter series, I craved more great reads and went to the local library. After spending months wading through awful fiction, one touting its prize winning status, I threw it across the room. (In my weakened condition it only made it to the bed for a soft landing.) “I could write better than this!” I grumbled. My hubby, ever understanding of my turbulent moods answered with a calm, “Then why don’t you?” It wasn’t long before I set out to do just that!

Who inspires you? I’d rather answer “Who and What.” Many things. This novel, Dark Days of Promise, was initially inspired by Christmas and the young women I was working with at the time. It mutated as the season passed to what it is today after my being inspired by a few friends, veterans, some dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.)

What would you like your readers to get out of your writing? It is my hope that readers will become more aware of PTSD. It effects more than the veterans and their families, those who love them. It isn’t unusual for me to be talking with someone and get this “Oh, they are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress” this way or that way. The “Disorder” part, as far as I have learned, comes from intense stress, such as battle and other potentially fatal situations. Some deal with PTSD with faith and prayers on the one hand while others use counseling and sometimes drugs to manage the disorder. But for me, my PTSD is rather low key and manageable.

Where did this idea come from? Would you believe me if I said the Lord? I had this love story so smooth that it bored me, the writer to tears, literally. I knew I had to “speed” it up, give it something to make it fly but didn’t know what. I prayed and pulled my chair up to the computer. My fingers flew with very few mistakes, something that is unusual for me. That scene is in the book with very few changes — only a few grammatical corrections. I’ll give you a hint: Victoria goes flying!

Who was your favorite character to develop?
SS Kelly Chase. I fell in love with him and still don’t know him! He’s quite the man of mystery.

Any advice for aspiring authors? Write what you know and love. Write for yourself, not your imagined perfectly matched editor or publisher. Should you one day find them, they will, if they know their stuff and we all hope they do, bruise you and your precious fledgling novel. (Smile – those bruises heal and make you both better.)

What can we expect next from you? My current project is a Time-travel Romance. Trish Larsen, having failed the bar exam yet again just before her thirtieth birthday, takes Grammy at her word and uses the antique talisman for more than a pretty babble, though surviving in 1885 might prove more difficult for a modern woman than Trish imagined.

Where can we purchase your book? On the Desert Breeze Publishing website and at many other online outlets, including Amazon and Barnes and Nobles.

Here is an excerpt:

My senses distilled, the clean lemon scent of Janine’s home intensified. This specter existed as no spirit at all… but a soldier in army fatigues wearing the ranking emblem of an officer on his chest. His frame seemed to fill the whole corridor. Intimidated by his size, if not his rank, I gave him my immediate and full attention.

“Can I help you?” His voice rumbled with authority. He positioned himself, taking the defensive, his booted feet shoulder width apart, his elbows inches from both walls, blocking the space.

I managed to regain a smidgeon of composure. “I should ask you the same.” My voice sounded self-assured. I wondered where it came from while feeling so inferior to him. “Why? This is my home.”

I lost my balance, stumbling back a couple of feet, my surprise giving way to embarrassment. My hand went to my hair to comb it before I remembered it stayed in place as a messy bun. I dropped my hand wishing I knew what to do with it.

“Oh… you’re Kelly.” I stammered, unsure of myself, my jaw going slack. I struggled in desperation to right it.
Now I see the resemblance to his pictures. Janine needs newer ones and dang, he doesn’t quite look the same as the picture I have. He’s… wow. Take a picture Vick.

“You are?” he asked, still very much in charge.

“Huh?” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. His charismatic presence stupefied me. I hadn’t blinked, lost in the depths of his eyes.

He folded his arms making his biceps bulge under his fatigues. I dared to raise my chin in defiance. I’d give him no more, at least not until he retreated an inch. He didn’t give it to me. I retreated, feeling foolish in comparison to his alpha-male claim of the hallway.

“Interesting name.” His timbre reflected a pleasant nature. Of course standing toe to toe with him in Janine’s hallway of small-antiquated proportions disintegrated my defense.

“It’s nice to meet you, Kelly.” Smooth girl. You are so dead.

“I’d like to say the same.” His cautious mantle of soldiering remained on guard.

“Then why don’t you?”

“Because I don’t know your real name.” His eyes betrayed his annoyance for a split second before a shield of secure soldier mastery descended.

“Vicki.” I lowered my chin waiting for him, my body poised, expecting his response.

He failed to give me one while his eyes bored holes through me.

“Kelly, meet Vicki, our neighbor.” Janine called from her room, her voice reflecting her personable nature. Did she really need to make introductions this way? Did she peek around the corner to watch this? I couldn’t be sure with the wall of solid muscle between her doorway and myself. I imagined Janine’s face as she overheard our stilted conversation. The humor of the situation flooded over me, bringing a smile to my lips.

Kelly’s answering smile altered his expression, and his body language. Almost duplicating his masculine smirk in the photo I possessed, softening the solid mass of muscle without diminishing his potent dynamics.

“Excuse me. I came to see Janine.” I didn’t dare push past him.

“Mother?” He called over his shoulder, still guarding the hallway. “Do you feel up to having a visitor?”
“I always feel like visiting with Vicki,” Janine answered from her room.

Kelly stepped aside, placing himself against the aging wallpaper as though afraid I might give him some dreaded disease if I happened to brush against him. I did brush against him as I passed. Dang he’s big. I entered Janine’s bedroom to find her reclining on several pillows. She appeared tired, her skin lacking its usual healthy glow.

“Janine, are you feeling all right?” I asked in concern.

“Better now. I called you this morning when I fell. As luck would have it, I fell against the telephone table, knocking it to the floor with me. Kelly came home quite unexpectedly and helped me to bed.”

“I’m sorry,” I apologized, feeling guilty for going to lunch. “It took longer at the bank than I thought. After, Farley insisted on taking me to lunch. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Would that be Farley Wilson?”

“Yes, you know him right?”

“Early forties, nice dresser and a smooth talker. He missed his calling as an insurance salesman,” Janine answered appearing a shade worse.

“You look tired. I shouldn’t bother you with my issues. Will Kelly be here long?” She seemed more fragile than usual.

“Actually, he’s been busy seeing to my needs and hasn’t said yet.”

“I’ll let you two get to catching up.” I patted her hand and retreated the way I’d come. So much for asking her for her opinion of Farley.

Kelly stood at the kitchen counter, draining a jug of milk. He must have heard me approaching. He lowered the jug, wiping his lips with his sleeve. For a brief instant he wasn’t a soldier, but a young boy caught in the act. A sheepish grin filled his features. Then his expression changed, his eyes capturing me as if holding me in animated suspension.

Yum. Delicious tingling filled me. Wow, what has he done to me? I thought I’d outgrown this silly attraction to a man in uniform. Not. I focused on my feet, willing them to keep moving toward the door. The traitors stopped and turned toward him. My mouth joined the mutiny.

“Nice to meet you, Kelly. Your mother’s mentioned you often.” I sensed a smile curl my lips hearing my way too formal effort at breaking the ice. Can’t you do any better, girl?

“You, too.”

Is it animalistic charisma emanating from him or danger? It didn’t matter which. I’d always proved a sucker for both. Vick, you need to remove the sign on your forehead beckoning these guys. That’s two in one day. He said no more, and I hurried out the door, my knees masquerading as jelly.

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New release!

I’m excited! EMILY’S NIGHTMARE is out today. This short novel is filled with emotion, angst, romance, suspense, and a really hot cop.


Detective Emily Rawson doesn’t want children; she’s too focused on her career to give a family the time required. That is, until she falls in love with fellow detective John Cutter, forgets to take precautions, and winds up pregnant. She fights the idea tooth and nail before finally deciding that having a baby is exactly what she wants — as long as the child is Cutter’s. Then tragedy strikes. Will it bring them together or tear them apart?

You can read an excerpt in the post below this one. I hope you’ll check out this intense story!

You can buy it here at Desert Breeze or at many other online outlets, including Amazon, B&N, All Romance, Books on Board, and the iTunes store.

And don’t forget to download one of my author apps!


iTunes store QR code


Android Market QR code

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Coming in August!

Next month, Emily’s Nightmare will hit all of Desert Breeze Publishing’s online venues. Get your Kindles and Nooks ready! In this book, Detective Emily Rawson doesn’t want children; she’s too focused on her career to give a family the time required. That is, untill she falls in love with fellow detective John Cutter, forgets to take precautions, and winds up pregnant. She fights the idea tooth and nail before finally deciding that having a baby is exactly what she wants — as long as the child is Cutter’s. Then tragedy strikes. Will it bring them together or tear them apart?


Fear pummeled Emily. She gripped the Glock and ducked into the enclosed stairwell. The faint odors of oil and gasoline rode the stale air. Time stood still. A bead of moisture rolled down her cheek. She wiped it away and peeked out the door.

Her assailant fired.

White-hot pain speared Emily’s shoulder. She screamed, the sound echoing as she lost her footing and tumbled backward down the cold concrete steps. She landed hard on her back, sticky, ruby red blood coating her thighs. Her head pounded. Fear took her breath.

Inky darkness spilled over her like rising water.

Emily bolted up in bed, cold sweat streaming down her back. The same awful dream. So painful and so very real. Every night for the past six months. Ever since John Cutter, her former partner, best friend, and lover, had ridiculed her choices and turned his back on her.

That wasn’t the worst of it, however. Their breakup had come first.

I want a houseful of kids, he’d said. A big family.

His hopeful words had gouged a hole in Emily’s heart, because she didn’t want kids — despite the incident tonight with the rescued baby. Her own childhood had been a living hell, thanks to her father’s bitterness and her great-uncle’s roaming hands, and even though her mother had tried, Emily didn’t want to follow in her footsteps. The very idea scared her to death. Better to just forget having a family and focus on catching criminals. She was a damned good cop and well-deserving of her spot in her division.

During their last fight before she’d left the burglary division, Cutter had mocked her for making the change and had even bashed poor Mike Jamison, the high school history teacher she had dated for a time the year before while she and Cutter were on the outs. His animosity had made absolutely no sense — and neither did this recurring dream.

“What’s wrong with me?” Emily murmured, shuddering at the thought that she might not ever get a handle on her nightmares.


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Guest author Anne Patrick!

Anne Patrick is a fellow Desert Breeze suspense author. As a child, she always had a very vivid imagination. When most kids on her block were playing with their dolls and army men, Anne and her detective friends were busy solving make believe crimes in the neighborhood. Each day was a new and exciting adventure with danger lurking around every corner. Then in high school, after discovering the wonderful world of romantic suspense, Anne decided to put that imagination to better use. She’s been spinning stories ever since. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling to foreign countries to experience new cultures. She makes her home in Kansas with her playful German Shepherd, Zoe, and an ornery cat named Sailor.

Her next book, Fire Creek, will be released July 1.

In this story, Kasey Montgomery has returned to her hometown of Fire Creek Montana after the apparent suicide of her cousin. Within days of Beth’s funeral, Kasey begins to find inconsistencies in her death. The local sheriff is quick to dismiss the allegations as figments of a writer’s imagination. Kasey is determined to prove otherwise. Does the bronzed skinned stranger from Beth’s funeral hold the answers?

Local park ranger, Jimmy Little Raven suspects foul play too. Beth was engaged to his best friend who died months earlier from a mysterious accident.  Risking his heart and his job, he teams up with the famous mystery writer to find the answers to both deaths. 
Fire Creek will be available on July 1st  here
You can also purchase it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and most other online bookstores.

Kasey rounded the corner onto the street where she’d left her car. She stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Jimmy Little Raven leaning against the hood of the Firebird, his arms folded across his chest.

It took several seconds to recover from her initial shock before she walked over to her car. “What are you doing here?”

“Never mind that. What were you doing in Woodward’s office?” he demanded.

She avoided his glare, as her mind raced to come up with a logical explanation. Lying was out of the question, not that it’d do any good anyway. He had no doubt seen her through the window, explaining the noise she heard.

“Do you realize how much trouble you could get into if anyone was to find out you broke into his office?”

“No one’s going to find out… unless you rat on me. Besides, I didn’t break in, I had a key.”

“You what!”

Before she could answer, her breath was yanked violently from her lungs as he lifted her up and dove, with her in his arms, onto the hood of the Firebird. The sounds of crunching metal, breaking glass and squealing tires followed. The earth seemed to rumble beneath her as their bodies rolled together onto the hard cement below.


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New cover!

Just got my cover for my January 1 book at Desert Breeze Publishing. QUEST FOR JUSTICE is the third book in my Keller County Cops series. I’m having so much fun writing these books. I’m working on number four right now!


Abby Ryals goes behind the sheriff’s back to accept an undercover assignment with another agency to avenge fellow detective C.J. Bowman’s death and is stunned to find him very much alive when he leaves witness protection and follows her undercover to keep her safe. Together, they race the clock to defeat a notorious drug lord before he discovers their true identities.

Look for this book out on New Year’s Day!

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