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Final A Promise Worth Remembering Original 300 dpi1I’m so excited to announce my newest release titled A Promise Worth Remembering (Promises Collection, #2) is offered FREE today on Amazon Kindle. Inside the novella, you’ll find magic, forbidden love, tiger rescue, and an escalating family feud on the path to happily-ever-after…


After ten years, tiger preserve owner Bailey Yant never thought heartbreaker Tucker Pierce would return to Safe Haven. With a hundred-year-old feud between the Pierce and Yant families escalating, and despite a mystical lovers’ rock stirring memories of their forbidden love, she’s walled up her heart tighter than her sanctuary. When her prized tiger trespasses onto the Pierce’s hunting range, and poachers threaten not only her tiger’s safety but the livelihood of her preserve, will Bailey open her heart and trust Tucker in time to save her endangered Bengals?

At seventeen, Tucker Pierce fell in love with Bailey’s strength the day he’d pulled her from the river and promised to make her dreams come true. However, to keep Bailey safe from his abusive father, he risked everything—and in the process lost her to another man. For ten years, he’s kept his reason for leaving Safe Haven secret, but he can’t forget the promise he made to her or who his heart belongs to. After finding the widowed Bailey standing on their special rock, will he finally convince her to trust he’s a man of his word?

About the author:

Author Photo B-WCyndi Faria is an engineer turned romance writer whose craving for structure is satisfied by plotting emotional and cozy paranormal romance stories about cursed spirits, lost souls, harbingers, and even a haunted coastal town. If you love a tale with courageous heroes and heroines, where their unconditional love for each other gives them strength to defeat their inner demons, Cyndi Faria invites you to enter the pages of her stories and find happily-ever-after.

On and off her sexy romance pages, this California country girl isn’t afraid to dirty her hands fighting for the underdog and caretaking rescued pets. A portion of the earnings from this eBook will be donated to help tigers at PAWS—a sanctuary located in San Andres, California. To learn more, donate, or adopt a tiger visit PAWS online. Find Cyndi helping fellow writers and leading readers to happily-ever-after at http://www.cyndifaria.com

“Cyndi Faria writes with passion and her stories touch the heart.”
—Virna DePaul, Bestselling Author


No. Can’t be. He’s an illusion. Like the wind whispering your name.

Several times, Bailey blinked but pinching her eyes didn’t erase the image of a mature Tucker, one who’d transformed from a whip to a mighty Oak, and a man who greatly resembled a younger version of Old Man Pierce.

Tucker held his head high and his wide stance boasted an assuredness, a grounding presence, that hadn’t graced the adolescent who’d seated his roots in her soul.

Suddenly, her tomboy legs morphed to tree-limbs. She swayed with the gentle wind that transformed her strength, ability, and self-sufficient nature into that helpless girl Tucker rescued from the shadowy waters. Without denial, her body registered her first love even if he’d also been the same person who’d kept her cemented in her inescapable past.

She threw back her shoulders, making her five-foot-four height appear five-foot-six. She didn’t need anyone but herself to make her happy. Nothing stood in her way of dating again and finding happiness. Of fulfilling her dreams with someone other than the man who’d betrayed her trust.

“…your tiger,” he called over the river’s purr.

Her chin quivered at his baritone yet business-like manner and she bit her lip. What had she expected? Words of apology and love? Tucker had moved on a decade ago, no matter how badly her ears still craved his endearments wafting warms puffs of air against her neck. By now, he probably had a family of his own… She glanced at her clothes stuffed in her backpack and, although he’d seen her in her bikini, much less than she wore now, she held her ground. How many times had he stood beside the river and watched her from afar? Once, twice?

As many times as she’d wished he’d gazed upon her with eyes that bore into her tough exterior and tempted her heart, her trust, her words of forgiveness, so she could leave her imprisoned past?

His gaze found hers and held.

Corkscrewed into her heart until her chest hurt. Smoothing her chin with her palm to quiet the quivers spidering across her face, she raised her brows and expected him to say more.

But he only stared.


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt. Want to discover how Bailey and Tucker conquer the obstacles standing in the way of their happy ending? Download for FREE now by clicking the title here: A Promise Worth Remembering

Have you ever faced an obstacle standing between you and the one you love?


Leave a comment and your contact information and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win the necklace inspired by the story (see photo at http://www.cyndifaria.com). I can’t wait to see who the lucky winner of the beautiful pendant will be…

Thank you Melanie for hosting me today!

Wishing you all much love and happiness,

Cyndi Faria


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